LPG retail sales

SOLUMUS Gas as a Polish company acting dynamically on the retail fuel market offers the following installations:
  • household (sales of installations, refueling gas to client’s own installations)
  • industrial (sales of installations, lease of installations, installment sales and sales of installations in the contractual system)
  • for agricultural purposes (sales of installations with arrtactive prices, among others, to grain drying units or poultry farms)

Our clients:
Fiskars, Unibax, Rolnik, Nolet, Hydrotor, JS Fabryka, Przekładni, Susmed, Kombinat Rolny Kietrz, Bell, Meat Pol, Mazurskie Miody and many others.


  • We constantly care about gas quality and price competitiveness.
  • We build up large gas installations successfully.
  • We use modern technologies (telemetry).
  • We keep high safety standards.
  • Our experienced staff will do all the paperwork for you.
  • Gas from SOLUMUS Gas will always be on time!

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