SOLUMUS offers B100 biofuel and bio-components of the highest quality from leading manufacturers in Poland and in Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus).

We also supply bio-ethanol, methanol and vegetable oils as well as UCO. Our clients are both international oil companies as well as leading manufacturers both in Poland and in Europe.

We are distinguished by professionalism, service quality and on time delivery. In combination with the flexible, individual approach to each client, co-operation with us is a guarantee of success.

  • We offer a renewable energy source, which through its properties, will reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, it is also biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Our products meet the strictest requirements of the European standard (EN 14214)


  • methyl esters of higher fatty acids are products obtained in the process of the trans-esterification of rapeseed oil and other vegetable oils or fats with methyl alcohol.
  • esters can be used as a bio-component or as a self-contained biofuel – B100 Biodiesel.
  • In Europe mainly rapeseed methyl ester (RME) as fuel in pure form or in combination with conventional diesel is used.
  • Esters are also becoming more widely used in chemical industry.